Behavioral changes and how we adapt as a travel industry

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🌏 Our unexpected problems

In 2020 around march all over the world has the same problem. Yup COVID-19 all were shocked and unexpected really disappointed because many plans were postponed, all stores closed due to covid and many things

And with the pandemic, everyone must be at home to break the chain of spreading covid. With the lockdown in various regions, it can be said that the travel industry is the most affected cause people must be staying at home. However, as social beings, of course, we can’t just be at home.

And yup finally after a few months of lockdown, the government has implemented the new normal era in various countries, and yes people want to travel back to how it was before after staying at home for a very long time. but now the difference is we have to follow health protocols to take care of ourselves as well as others.

The analysis above shows that tourism and hospitality is the industry most affected by the Covid-19.

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🎯 The problem we are trying to solve

  • Make people who want to travel or staycation feel safer and more comfortable with our new health protocol feature
  • Build user trust in health protocols so they are not afraid to travel
  • Increase the conversion rate after decreasing a significant amount from the last march

💁🏻‍♂️ My role and team

I primarily worked on Interaction Design teaming with other Designer who is expert in UX thinking, and collaborate with 2 Product Managers to manage the timeline and Product Requirement Documentation, last but not least engineering team, to make sure all functions are going well.

🧳 Travel behavior in new normal

Our team (market research) conduct research to see changes in travel behavior when new normal throughout Indonesia with> 900 respondents on 8–12 June 2020

Supply 👉 Hotel partners dashboard

Before we create the clean and safe feature in our app (demand) we must make access to the supply platform so hotel partners can be able to activate our hygiene badge. so here’s the Information Structure👇

Demand 👉 Customer facing app

Where to put it and how? 🤔

So we try to add a badge to our hotel card like the boy scout. yes! like a boy scout, before they got the badge they have to pass the mission first right? so after passing the mission they got a badge in their chest, as well as our hygiene feature, the hotel partners must pass the requirement first


As our discussion with other teams, we decided to add a badge and information of clean and safe features on several pages, and yes clean and safe is our name 😎 for a hotel that already implements health protocols.

Why on that page? Search results and hotel details are pages where the user is still in the exploration stage and looking for the information needed, so we assume by adding on that page users will get our context

🎨 UI Implementation

The timeline of this project is quite short because we have to quickly adjust to what users need now, which assurance about cleanliness. so for the UI it doesn't take long as long the information is clear for our users. after presenting the UI to the stakeholders we agree to wrap it up! 😎 and the engineering team for the rest 🤖.

Photo by Bill Jelen on Unsplash

🚀 The Launch

Here’s the team involved in this project, the Engineering team, the Product Management Team, and of course the Product Design Team. On first July we release our new Clean & Safe feature in the 3.5.2 version for convenience and security for our users.

WFH days Infinity 🙃

💣 The impacts

So to maintain confidentiality I can’t show you all the data of our revenue, but I can tell you that our CVR it’s beyond our expectations. it’s not only because of our new feature (Clean n safe) but I guess many people are already bored being at home for a very long time. So when users start to research and find which online travel already implements the health protocols, it will increase their motivation to go and start for a vacation 🏖

A few from our satisfied customers

After 3.5.2 Ver release

📕 Conclusion

So with the change in the era from normal to new normal, the behavior of people in traveling has also changed, especially in the travel industry that is most affected by this pandemic, by that from the product side, it must also adjust what user needs so this industry can survive 💪.

📝 Learnings

This project teaches me that even in difficult conditions, the company still has to provide the best for users, and the increasing needs of users in current conditions, which require everything to be clean. in this case, we present a clean & safe feature.

Thank you for reading! hopeful you enjoyed this case study and leave your valuable feedback to improve it means a lot 🙏

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Product Designer .

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Muhammad Anjas

Muhammad Anjas

Product Designer .

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